Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Run:
Today was tough on my knee. I just came off 19 hours on my feet for work and couldn't walk. I have the cheapest work shoes I could find. Not the smartest thing when my job requires me to be on my feet on hard tile the ENTIRE TIME...I am fine when I am working but when I stop for a bit I really feel it. Right now its my right knee. It's throbbing - keep you awake at night - pain. So today I decided to go out after Fridays short and sweet fast 4km for a longer 14.5km run. I can't walk now...Like I said it's fine when I am active but when I stop I am hurting. Going out Tuesday night with no limit and spending the money on good quality work shoes. I spend more time in them then running so I should. Just hope that I don't take too long to recover from my own stupidity....I plan on going to a hot yoga class this week as that seems to really help me out. It's expensive but I like it.

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