Saturday, January 23, 2010


Now that I am happily settled into 2010 I started reflecting on goes a little something like this....Spent New Year's of 2009 in Whistler, BC visiting bf's brother for 10 days, came home and attempted to go to gym to lose weight for upcoming wedding....April got laid off from dream job and only job since University...went to Las Vegas with 3 of my single friends to celebrate...sort of...came back unemployed. 3 weeks later fiance got laid off - awesome we are getting married in November and we have no jobs...May 2009 started running to fill my boring day as well as started going to bible studies and teaching Key Bible to fill time. Started p/t job because it was all I could find. July decided I was going to train and run a half marathon November 1st - Road to Hope in Hamilton, Ontario. August moved back home with my parents til my wedding (hardest thing I have ever done but so many blessings came out of it!!!) September 2009 ran past 10 kms and foudn a running buddy in my town. November 1st - all by myself - no pace bunnies and no plans - also drank no water or gels or bars - finished the half marathon in 1:52!!!!! God is so good all the time! Lost a grand total of 37 lbs in 2009. Got 6 inches removed from my wedding dress 2 weeks before wedding and November 25th married my amazing husband in Dominican. 2009 was a crazy crazy year. Spiritual I was on an amazing journey in God's presence. Emotionally it was a rollercoaster and physically it was exhausted BUT I learned so much. I realized how how little material things in this world mean compared to the love of God. I would have never guessed ringing in 2009 at the base of Whister Mountian that I would have gone through such an amazing transformation inside and out. I run because God called me to run and through it my purpose is being revealed. I feel it. 2010 promises to bring greater things then 2009. I have been called to run a marathon and I I know the training is harder, longer and weather is more difficult but I am prepared as long as I stay in the word and path that God has for me.

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