Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Long Run

Wow today was a fantastic day to venture out with 21 other fellow runners for my first long run as a part of this new running group I joined. As you know I just started running in May 2009 so this is my first winter running...and I decided I needed back up. I had a great experience running all summer up to 10 kms on my own. In September God orchestrated a divine meeting with a fellow runner in my town to train with as I had it on my heart to run a half marathon November 1, 2009. We met up about 1-2 times a week for long runs mostly and I trained the other 1-2 times on my own. This worked out well for both of us and I am especially proud of my half marathon time of 1:52 but now that it's chilly out I am still running with my friend 1-2 times a week but really find it hard to run on my own. At the half marathon finish I ran into a family friend who ran a running group near where I live and suggested coming out. They run twice a week together - just what I need! I have some pretty heavy goals for a newbie this year so this is just what I need. Today was a hilly 18kms in -12 with a slight wind and half sun half cloud. Trying to find a person to run with has been a challenge. I ran Tuesday with someone then got placed with a person they thought was more my pace today and they are suggesting Tuesday another person. That's fine by me as I finished very strong today I feel I can step up more. After all I want these runs to count in my training process. I really enjoyed running and talking - it made time go by a lot quicker but I did miss my usual time of prayer and listening to Hillsong. I will make a point of taking time for myself to focus on the One who made me more next run. After all is the the Beginning and End - the Author of my Life!

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