Monday, June 20, 2011

Why run?

I run to spend time with God. It's my time to really listen. I have been running longer and it has really been going well. I think it's time to start the 10kms as my staples this summer :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fall Half

So I have officially decided to train for a fall half. Probably the Road to Hope in Hamilton. Main reason is I already ran it once. Can I beat 1:52 after baby? We will see...on the running front everything is going well and feels great. I wanted to train for a full but I think that's a tad ambitious with a baby and still breastfeeding so I will stick to a half and go from there. Who knows maybe a spring full?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

God who heals us

God healed my son. There is no medical explanation how he came out ok. This we know. We also know that my antibody test came back negative when it should have been positive. If it was positive then they would have tested and tested until our situation was found. Then we would have been monitored weekly and blood transfusions invitro. Now of that happened. It was by the grace of God we have him here today with us unharmed. Today at church I had an overwhelming feeling of not deserving to have our miracle baby...never had that before. I felt like what did I do to deserve this miracle? Nothing God loves me that much.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

First back to back run

Yesterday and today was the first time so far I have ran two days in a row. Felt good. Actually great. Ran 5km yesterday and 8 km today. Love love love it and missed missed missed it. I think I mentioned my miracle child got a thumbs up from his first neurology appointment so we are happy and thank God for that. You know God is so good to us. Christian is such a testimony in our lives and we are so thankful every single day. Looking forward to 6 months when he can join me in my jogging stroller.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Late but....

Late I know
So on a HOT and HUMID Sunday with my 3 month/3 week old cheering me with my sister I ran a 27:40 5km!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I got my goal of under 30 atleast. Was it my best? Probably not. If you have noticed from previous posts I do not do well in the heat. Needless to say I am one happy mama. I am continuing to keep up on the 5 kms. I have ran a few 6 kms too. I am back on once a week plus 3 runs plus a baby waves aerobic class and a mommy/baby yoga class plus numerous walks in a week. I am active and loving it! Summer is here and we are swimming away in Nanny's pool almost every day as well. We are lucky it's heated so today was 83 degrees :) I have been shopping online alot which is umbrella stroller, sunscreen (Badger Baby SPF 30 - rated the BEST all natural there is apparently...) sunglasses, uv clothes. All for my guy. He is 4 months today. Can't wait til he hits 6 months and we hit the jogging stroller together.