Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Late but....

Late I know
So on a HOT and HUMID Sunday with my 3 month/3 week old cheering me with my sister I ran a 27:40 5km!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I got my goal of under 30 atleast. Was it my best? Probably not. If you have noticed from previous posts I do not do well in the heat. Needless to say I am one happy mama. I am continuing to keep up on the 5 kms. I have ran a few 6 kms too. I am back on once a week plus 3 runs plus a baby waves aerobic class and a mommy/baby yoga class plus numerous walks in a week. I am active and loving it! Summer is here and we are swimming away in Nanny's pool almost every day as well. We are lucky it's heated so today was 83 degrees :) I have been shopping online alot which is umbrella stroller, sunscreen (Badger Baby SPF 30 - rated the BEST all natural there is apparently...) sunglasses, uv clothes. All for my guy. He is 4 months today. Can't wait til he hits 6 months and we hit the jogging stroller together.

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