Sunday, January 10, 2010

How I came to run

It was May 2009, I just got back from Vegas for a week with my girlfriends to find myself laid off from my job I loved. It was my only job since University. It had become my entire world as happens to many people. For 6 years I let it consume my life and I had let my life outside of work pass me by. Spiritually and physically I was a mess. I was 30-40 lbs over weight and unhappy. I just didn't realize it until I didn't have to go to work anymore and I had to spend 40 plus hours a week with myself instead. I felt an overwhelming sense of despair until I woke up one day to a desire to run...I hadn't done much physical activity in the past 6 years let alone run but with a lot of time on my hands I started slowly but surely. The more I ran the more in God's word I got. God changed my entire attitude towards running and food. I give Him all the credit and all the Glory because He strengthens me and is with me every step of the way. Running is my way of staying in close fellowship with God. He definitely revealed Himself to me in the months since I started running. I am thankful every day that I can run to worship the King of Kings!

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