Thursday, February 25, 2010

New job and healing

I love my new job - it's perfect for me. And funny enough - they have a running club! I will meet new people and share my love of running with others! Can't wait to get going full time starting next week. This week I am organizing and shopping for new clothes. I haven't really bought any since the weight lose but since it's stayed the same since November I am comfortable buying a few things. I need pants badly and shirts that aren't too big so that's my task this week as well as comfortable shoes. I have been running a little - 4km to 10km area and lots of yoga and weights but I am happy to have the time off for my knee and my stress fracture in my foot. I am happy to take a step back from the situation I got myself in by over training to get into balance again. Bad idea to run 65kms in 6 days - basically doubling my kms...I was frustrated about other parts of my life and took it out by running. Then I hurt myself and got more back to working up to my staple of 2 10kms a week plus a longer run...I am planning a run Saturday with friends so looking forwaqrd to being healthy and happy for it :) Today is yoga and tomorrow is weights.

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