Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Went on a brief hiatus from blogging as I accidently deleted my account and had to request it to be put back again....dummmmbbb I know. Running wise I am training for a half in November and am up to 15km for my long run with a base of 10kms and some shorts with baby mixed in. I am faster then last time training but I am about 20 lbs heavier from baby still which worries me. I am still nursing so extreme dieting is not on my radar which is would be normally as last time I dropped 20lbs in 8 weeks by sharpening up my eating. My diet downfall is sugar - if I lay off sugars the fat melts away. I started Monday off the sugar so hoping to lose 10lbs by half marathon time. I changed my shoes from Saucony Hurricanes back to Guides - it was an economics decisions really. far it's been fine but my feet were killing from my dead hurricanes. Also been using my massage benefits which I love.


  1. Way to go on training for the half! I really wanted to do a half in October but I pushed myself too hard when I started running again after my baby girl was born in Feb and I just healed from shin splints in August. Going to do a 10k though in a couple weeks. I'm 20 lbs heavier as well and I know what you mean about wanting to loose weight but cant diet because I'm still nursing too. Training for the half will definitly help loose the weight. I'll be praying for you :)

  2. Shin splits is tough - I use super feet and my brother had success eliminating his with a minimalist shoe - Saucony Kinvara...running is SO great - glad to hear you are on the mend!