Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hot Race

Drum roll please...well it was extremely humid today for the entire 10km race but that's ok because I beat my one and only other 10km last September 2009 by...3 minutes and 6 seconds so I am happy :) I am happy because God also super naturally made my mp3 work when I forgot to charge it last night, He super naturally made my friend have a watch I could borrow because I have lost mine apparently and God helped me through the 10km by not having any sun until it was over because I broke my sunglasses and didn't have any if it was sunny (prescription) oh and God is AMAZING because He also had Eload on the course which is my favourite drink in humid weather :) What can I say other then this one was for Him - the one who made me and saved me. I would recommend the Forest City race to anyone. My running friend ran the 1/2 and came 2nd in her age category :) She was a few minutes behind her anticipated time too because of humidity but still happy with her race. I am ready to start training Thursday with her for our 10km series this summer. Wanting to drop another 4 minutes this summer off my 10km.

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