Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Running with my dog

I have started trying to run a bit with my dog. She's bad...when she's with me so I tried last spring and stopped after a bit because of her acting up. Now hubby and I take her occasionally but mostly I run by myself or with my friend. Hubby is away so I have ran twice in the last week with her. Both times for 6kms with her then dropped her off then went out for 4km more on my own. It's been going well except for being attached by a Jack Russell! Did I mention my dog is 80lbs?? And a bulldog breed?? Anyways I yelled loud enough to get the other dog to run home. I worry about my dog attacking other dogs enough though she's on a leash. She is slow the last 3kms and I feel like I am dragging her but she's sleeping a lot better so I am happy. Other then that Around the Bay came and went and I didn't regret my decisions once. If you can't do it well I didn't want to do it. Glad to make that decision and move forward in my running goals. Looks like a spring half marathon for me which is just fine. I am going to focus on improving my 1:52 :)

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  1. just came across your blog. LOVE the title. I have been trying to run for God's glory. It is so much fun!!