Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Job equals new routine...

Aww I love my running friend. Saturday she dropped off tulips and a card congratulating me on my new job but it was a sad reminder taht we can't run as much together because she can only run when her kiddies are in school...or Saturdays if her hubby is home...and I don't it's going to be a new routine for me starting with tomorrow morning. I developed a new routine I think will work well in my new working life. It is as follows:

All at 6am - 7am

Monday - 10 km
Tuesday - free yoga class
Wednesday - 10 km
Thursday - Weight routine
Friday - 10 km

Saturday - Longer runs with my friend
Sunday off or yoga or weights (depends on how I feel)

I am starting tomorrow morning. Since I don't have to leave for work til 8am I think this is very doable for me :)

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  1. I am sorry your running partner can't run with you but I commend you on not using that as an excuse to slack on your routine. I have just begun working out on regular basis and it is very challenging at times. Good Luck! on achieving your all of your goals.