Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for 2012

My running goals for 2012 are pretty simple. Keep running injury free. My awesome husband bought me a treadmill for Christmas. I am in love. With the treadmill - and him too. I am still on the fence about committing to races for 2012. I am still nursing and have no plans to stop yet so that makes a time commitment of over a half marathon a real challenge. I also have limited babysitters for him. I am very close to deciding on running a 30km and finally a 42.2km.

I have a great friend that I often run with who is running Boston in April and has graciously offered to run at my pace a marathon with me. We are thinking early May. When will I get a person guide runner for a marathon ever again? That's my current dilemma. She is so awesome and motivating and I can train with her for both the 30 and the 42.2. It is very tempting.


  1. YAY for the treadmill! I really want one but have to have hubby on board for that one. I also sooo understand the dilema of not being sure of training for anything over a 1/2 while nursing. I'm in the same boat! My baby girl turns 1 in Feb so maybe she will wean by then but she really loves the boobie sooo not sure about that one, lol. Happy New Year!

  2. I just tagged you on my blog to do the 11 Random Things Post, check it out to see if you want to do it :)