Friday, December 9, 2011

GPS - finally

I got an early Christmas gift - a garmin for running! So far it's been so great! I now know my pace and time and although it's not all figured out yet I love it. I have been running when I can since the half but that hasn't been much. My husband works a lot and it's dark now at 5pm so that really limits my running. I usually run Mon, Wed, Fri - husband watches him Mondays (he has Sun and Mon off) and I find a babysitter the other times or take him. I prefer the babysitter. Usually my parents or my sister or aunt. It's a lot of work as I go to them about 20 minutes away. Sometimes I am lucky and they come to me like Wednesday. Tomorrow I am going to my sisters so I can run. I am ready to start running a lot again but really need to figure out the babysitter situation. He can be pretty bad still when I leave him and my parents will call me back. I can be about an hour and that's all anyone can handle so it's tough. I find the now it's dark that really limits my running as I used to get my parents to come out at night to work him and they didn't mind. During the day it's harder for them with their work ect. I am still nursing my guy - he just won't take a bottle which I don't mind it just makes it difficult to leave him with anyone. I never thought I could last this long but I have to admit that I will miss nursing him when it's time to stop whenever that will be...

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  1. Yay for the Garmin!! It is such a wonderful tool, I use mine all the time...probably too much because I'm a little too pace focused, lol. I understand the issues of finding a sitter for your little one, my baby girl has only been away from me for about 3 hours since she was born(9 months ago...almost 10) and that was when she stayed with dad and after she was 6 months so she ate some baby food. She doesn't like bottles either. Nursing creates such a strong bond between you and your little one, I'm going to miss it when she stops nursing too.