Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am still sightly disappointed at my 6 minute slower half marathon. Saying that have taken a much needed break from running or really from training. Getting someone to watch my baby got increasingly harder as my distance increased and since I am still nursing and he has become more clingy its hard! Now just run when I can with or without him. I think I mentioned that quit my job but yep I quit. All I can say is being a mom is where I am called to be right now. Its a huge leap of faith for us financially. We expect great things to come with God on our side!

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  1. Sorry your disappointed with the 6 minute slower half but BE Encouraged because a half marathon is not an easy task to run and not to mention you had a baby less than a year ago! I won't run a half till after my baby girl is a year and she is 9 months now, I have only got up to an 8 mile run and that was this just this week. You did great and I'm impressed you got to do a half :) I know what you mean about it getting harder with running and nursing because I'm in the same boat especially now that it's soo cold I feel kind of selfish taking her in the stroller even though I bundle her up really good. God is faithful and He will provide for you because He gave you your baby boy and called you to be his mama :) Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!