Monday, February 28, 2011

God is our Rock

Christian was born by emergency c section after 14 hours of labor. His head has too big. After 36 hours he had routine screening and they tested for jaundice. His was off the charts and within an hour he was on his way by ambulance to sick kids hospital. When we got there tests confirmed an AB0 incombatibility between him and I. Our blood types didn't match and my red blood cells attacked his causing them to release biliruben and go off the charts. At 48 hours he received a blood transfusion. They also found pneumonia in his lungs which required antibiotics for 7 days by iv. Our little man had Gods hand on him before he was even born because there are so many complication from what we have. Most babies require transfusions in the womb even! God saw us through the entire way from providing us a place to stay to food and the right drs and nurses. God is good all the time! After 11 days he was able to come home. What a blessing he is to us! Psalm 23.

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