Monday, June 7, 2010

Collingwood Workout

My Collingwood work outs included La Scandinave Spa Thursday for 7 hours of amazing detox. I love that place. I got a RMT massage and baths for the day plus lunch and a water bottle. It was perfect weather - over cast but warm. Did a routine of 10-15 mintues of heat (hot tubs, sauna or steam room) then cold plunge in shower or pool then 10-15 minutes of relaxing in front of fire or in loungers. I stayed til close - 9pm then showered and blowdried and was out around 9:45pm. Friday was a 6 and a half hour adventure starting with 45 minutes of sprints for one minute and one minute of plyometrics of some kind then one minute light jog and was intense but doable then headed for 2 hour hike in scenic caves and over suspension bridge then onto hiking up and down Blue Mountian. Got back around 3:30pm exhausted! Great day though. Saturday walked around village and shops for 2 hours then went dancing Saturday night. Sunday went to MAC warehouse sale in Markham for some much needed (not really) makeup...Tonight headed out for a 12 km with my friend. Great weekend for relaxing and banging out those thoughts. Thinking about starting a that's on my mind a lot. I think it's good it ever?

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  1. wow...what a weekend. you are motivated!! nice work!! excited to hear you are thinking family! it is an exciting time....and no there is perfect time, there is always "something", so follow your heart.